About Read-a-thon

Kiwanis Read-a-thon is dedicated to contributing to the development of lifelong literacy skills by enhancing and promoting student reading in elementary schools.

The Kiwanis Read-a-thon is the latest in a series of child- and youth-centred initiatives sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. We are delighted to share this innovative literacy improvement project program with your school or organization. Read-a-thon is now the largest program of its kind in the world, it can be run anywhere in the world, and it’s free!

Read-a-thon is designed to encourage children to become better readers, by reading more often, trying out new books–and having fun doing it. The program was designed for elementary teachers to promote literacy, but it can also be used as a school fundraiser as needed. Schools keep 100% of the funds they raise through Read-a-thon.

Schools do not compete with each other, so you can run your Read-a-thon when it best fits your school’s schedule. Many schools have both a Fall and a Spring Read-a-thon. Experience shows that Read-a-thon works best over a three-week period; this allows plenty of time to get everyone involved and focused.

View or download the Kiwanis Read-a-thon School Guide for a complete overview of the program.

Kiwanis is proud to have this opportunity to help schools around the world encourage literacy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at readathon@kiwanisreadathon.org. Please download our Kiwanis Read-a-thon brochure.